Tekin Meerschaum

I was born in 1974 in Eskisehir and I am of the younger meerschaum carver. I am married and I have two sons. I was the student of master artisan Sevket and I have learned many things from him. Then I continued to learn from my uncle Salim Sener. I have been carving for 25 years and I like to carve floral themes mostly . In the last 2 years I have directed my self to carve special classic pipes. For a long time I have been working with MeerschaumStore. They and I have combined our forces to build a respectful brand and we created the MeerQueen brand together. Now I am the master artisan of MeerQueen brand . For last two years we have developed the system on meerschaum pipes. Now we are using briar type Teflon tenon system with acrylic stem on most pipes . My Exclusive Pipes can be purchased only from tekinmeerschaumpipes.com and meerschaumstore.com. I hope you will like what we have done so far… Happy puffing.